Change field to be read only

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작성자: assaf.goldberg
날짜: 2019-11-28

Hi, I’m writing to a field: hwpApp.PutFieldText(id, “blabla”);

Now, I want that the field text will be read only and all the other parts of the document will be editable.

I tried to use: hwpApp.ModifyFieldProperties(id, 1, 0); (all the possible values)

but the field is still editable.

Any idea?

Thanks a lot,




“ModifyFieldProperties(id,1,0)” is slightly different from how you understand.
It just toggles the “Editable” property on and off.
And it works only when “양식모드(Format Mode?)” is activated.


양식모드 is completely opposite from your task.
When 양식모드 is activated(hwpApp.EditMode = 2),
user can edit only “Editable Checked” fields and cells.
And the other parts go “read-only.”

Hope this helps.

smj0226 (2019.11.29)

…In my view, you have to put every texts and ctrls into each Field.
And Toggle the “Editable” property of Fields by ModifyFieldProperties method.
After that, activate “양식모드”
It’ll work as you said.


Thank you very much for your answers.
Just to clarify, if I don’t want that all the text will be in inside fields then I can’t do it. Right?

smj0226 (2019.12.03)