Store hidden data in a document (Hancom Office HWP 2018)

(예전 커뮤니티(2016-2020) 사이트에서 옮겨온 글입니다: 번호 130)

작성자: assaf.goldberg
날짜: 2019-08-22


I’m writing application that writes into the document.

The application can work with few documents simultaneity.

Since the configuration is per an open document, I want to store some hidden data in the document itself so when switching between documents I can know what the user configuration.

(the user configuration can be different in each document).

Is there a hidden control that I can use? hidden storage the the user can’t see and I can get/set from the HwpObjectLib object?

Thanks in advance,



smj0226 (2019.09.29)

There’s “숨은 설명(comment)” method.
It’s almost like field. Superficially hidden.
But users can edit through ViewOptionCtrlMark…
(I think that’s so not cool though)

smj0226 (2019.09.29)

at the top of the doc(or wherever you can recognize)

// input user-conf like "hwp.HAction.GetDefault("InsertText"...)"
assaf.goldberg (2019.10.22)